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Hole Tripper

.... gloriously unfashionable rock music ....

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This new song is a no-nonsense guidebook on the complete, no-messing-about, never-gonna-see-you-again, total, and utter elimination of a toxic individual from your life

Don't Mind Me

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We are Hole Tripper and we make gloriously unfashionable rock music.

Hole Tripper are a two‐piece English rock band. The band live in the South West and the first album was recorded and produced in two separate studios; a hundred miles apart with the band never playing a note together in the same place.  We remain a remote band.

GD writes and sings the songs, with GDC playing, recording & producing the music.

Cancer gave the band purpose and Covid gave the time to focus. The brothers have been playing and writing songs since the early 1990s, but the band essentially did not exist other than a few poorly organised meet-ups that quickly devolved into drunkenness and hilarity. A terminal diagnosis even if that diagnosis could be a long time coming was the slap in the face required to provide the impetus to get the songs down. Covid allowed the band to focus entirely on recording the songs and not all the other distractions. Not traditional rock and roll but that’s the point, isn’t it?

We write a mix of heavy rock to acoustic stuff and like that not all the songs sound the same but they have the same kind of sound.

We are influenced by early 90's grunge and other rock bands and our offerings are probably trapped a few decades out of their time and place but oh well everything comes around again eventually ....

One of the benefits of being a hole-dweller and waiting so long to actually make any music is that we have tonnes of songs coming - which is great if you like us and irrelevant to you if you don't.

So, if you want to hear music that:

- is independently made

- is gloriously unfashionable

- has been made literally as if the bands' life depended on it ....

Welcome to our site and we hope you like our efforts - if not email us and tell us how we can improve so we can take pleasure in deleting it.

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Plays the songs, records the songs, produces the songs

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It is with great delight that we have released our debut record - Hundred Miles Out of Time ... 

To provide some context and background, we made this album from a starting position of:

  • We live a Hundred miles apart and its Covid lockdown

  • There are only 2 people in the “band” …. no drummer and no bass player

  • The singer won’t sing anything and the guitarist hasn’t played guitar properly for 10 years

  • The band haven’t learnt the songs, nor finished writing them

  • We have no studio engineering / recording knowledge or experience

  • We have no equipment to record any music

  • We have no knowledge of the music business whatsoever

  • The guitarist has just been diagnosed with a form of incurable lung cancer

  • We’ve run out of beer…..


Do you ever get the urge to go back and pick an old spot because you just know you didn’t do a good enough job first time around?  I mean, it’s great – it did the job – but it’s just not quite right and there is a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that keeps gnawing away at you like a bat trying to see with his eyes.

Well, we had that feeling with our first record – Hundred Miles Out of Time – made in a cupboard (well 2 cupboards) for about 9 quid by two guys who didn’t have the foggiest idea of how to do anything other than a burning desire to make a record and a persistent determination to keep going regardless of what our ears were hearing.

And we did it – we made a record – we always knew it was about 90% there and it was a damn good demo.  We silenced the inner demon and could say that for good, bad or ugly we didn’t let the music die inside – thank god for that.  However, there were a few production, tracking and vocal issues … and well, all the drums were done, and often hand coded, on a software program …. And the sound just wasn’t big enough compared to what we had in our heads.

But, nevertheless, job done, Another One Down – hooray for us and we got the taste for it.  So, stop whining let’s do another one but this time spend a bit of money, upgrade the cupboards with some decent kit and find some help.  

Enter this bloke / genius called Dev from Keep it Evil Productions who said he’d remaster them for us.  He liked the songs but persisted that something wasn’t quite right, and that just re-mastering wasn’t quite gonna do it.  He ended up working with us, we replayed sections, Dev played the drums in human form, remixed it, re-jiggled things and then glued on a couple of rocket-launchers. 

The end result is Hundred Miles 2.0 and it’s the bad beast we always wanted.

It is literally like Dev has entered our souls and plucked out what he needed and then regurgitated it in musical form.  He is our producer now and he’s in the fxxking band. 

We haven’t re-released the record as a “remixed” or whatever version as I doubt nobody would care frankly but to those precious few who have heard the old stuff this is Hole Tripper upgraded and as we always wanted the sound to be – Heavy early 90s-influence but with a kick in the ass.  Nothing wrong with paying homage to a by-gone era but the past is gone, and if you’re not going forwards, you’re going backwards.

So, cheers Dev Crawford and eternal thanks.  But before we blow more smoke up your butt get back in that cupboard, we got work to do ….. this is only the beginning …..

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Here is a quick summary of the songs from our first record and what they are about in album order:

  1. Song about being freezing cold and crap at surfing 

  2. Song about self-loathing

  3. Song about kicking cancer in the lungs


  5. Song about self-harm

  6. Song about accidentally starting a fight and then trying to stop it but you cant

  7.  Song about not liking sand but loving the beach

  8. Song about how people behave  around money

  9. Song about chasing away time 

  10. This song is a prequel to another song .....

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