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Answer the following questions to determine whether or not you will be a good fan or a bad fan

  • You only like our band and nobdy else.

  • You like climbing out of holes and then jumping back in them again.

  • You are a raving nutcase fan and tell everyone you know how amazing we are at all times.

  • You are really annoyed with the typo on the first line.

  • If you have vast experience and an array of qualifications in music production then you keep your opinions to yourself when discussing our efforts....

  • You use fans even when it's cold.

  • You want all your music free at all times.

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We are pretty firmly stuck in an early 90s rock hole - we tripped, fell and landed on our asses when tracks like Bullet in the Head, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Even Flow kicked us in the nuts and made us understand what music could be.  Here are our favourite bands (in no particular order) and why

  •  Pearl Jam - this was the first band we obsessed over - tracking down the early Green River, Mother Love Bone stuff and reading every Kerrang article we could.  In the early days getting hold of them secret tracks like State of Love and Trust and Black, Red, Yellow felt like a full time occupation.  Loved that they did acoustic tracks and really heavy stuff without it all sounding out of place.  Ain't gonna lie, particularly as they were the first true love, as they evolved we drifted apart - sad but true.

  •  Nirvana - Remember the day you first heard Teen Spirit?  I do - back of my best mate's VW Beetle (first and only time admittance permitted) and it came on through these massive speakers and blew my tiny mind away - every time hear that song transported back to the that car ride. 

  •  Audio Slave - What A Band - the combination of Soundgarden and Rage is just the most amazing thing and their first album remains in all time top albums to play at any time and still sound new but the same.

  •  Rage Against the Machine - The first intro to Bombtrack and i was this band's bitch and even though the angry politics of the music was  totally lost on me (the number of drive -by shootings in my neighbourhood was limited to attacks carried out with water pistols)  ..... nothing more needs be said about the sheer power and longevity of that first record. 

  •  Reef - This was our band - local band, fucking tunes, surfing culture - not sure they can surf mind but nor can we so who cares.  We loved this band - saw them live more than any other band by some distance - including one legendary dribbling incident at a gig on Fistral beach (sorry dude - whoever you were but I needed that shoulder to lean on during Choose to Live as I literally lost the ability to support my own body weight).  

  •  Helmet - This band never got the recognition they deserved.  Some unbelievably heavy guitars but they sang songs and didn't start growling or screaming - the heaviest guitar band that sang actual songs.  

  •  Grant Lee Buffalo - One of the favourite bands ever.  CD was bought on a whim on the same day as Helmet's Aftertaste.  Judged a book by its cover and just a great decision.  Amazing acoustic guitar and songwriting - you just have to crazy don't you?

  •  Bush - First heard the band whilst in the US when they were just taking off.  Heard Little Things on MTV in a motel in Nevada and thought how does the US keep knocking out these bands and then went back home ....

  •  Incubus - Ain't gonna lie but haven't bothered to find a single track this band have done for about 20 years but tracks like Make Yourself and Pardon Me are imprinted in our crania.

Honourable mentions and big bands:

  • Portishead

  • NIN

  • Tool

  • Guns and Roses

  • Bon Jovi

  • Soundgarden

  • AIC

  • Green Day

  • Radiohead

  • Temple of the Dog

  • G. Love and Special Sauce

  • The Stone Roses

  • Jack Johnson

  • Otis Redding

  • Fleetwood Mac

  • Led Zepp

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Simple Minds

  • Kylie

So what about anything that's not 20 years old?

As we have climbed out of one big ass damn deep hole and started to have look around in the form of Hole Tripper.... we have now decided to take a fresh look about and here is a list of our favourite contemporary bands:

  • Punishment Essay​

  • Red Light Acid Test

  • Moriarty

  • Machineries of Joy

  • Buried in Bermuda

More to follow!

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