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Links to MP3's of our most popular songs on Spotify.  If you need any more then just contact us at the bottom of this page and we can send over all files in any format required.

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In addition to confirmed festival slot below we also have 2 gigs in Bristol (one for December and one for Feb / March) in the process of being confirmed.

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Gloriously unfashionable rock music for the chosen few ...

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We are Hole Tripper, and we make gloriously unfashionable rock music.

We are an independent band, ludicrously out of our own time zone, laughing at life and making music.

Rock has become an outlier in music, which in many ways is the way it should be and as such we only want the chosen few, the 5%, the rockers and the rollers. 

We also aren’t very fashionable because when you’re falling down a hole, its dark and nobody can see you anyway …

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Hole Tripper has evolved from two cupboard-dwelling brothers into a full-on four‐piece English rock band. They have added the fire power of a top-notch bass player and hardcore drummer to go gig like mad men.

The band are from the South West and the first album was recorded in two separate studios; a hundred miles apart with the band never playing a note together in the same place.  The band’s debut album was named Hundred Miles Out of Time as a nod to the geographical separation when recording the album, that some of the songs were written way back, and, as a reference to the singer’s comical timing challenges when trying to sing and play the guitar at the same time.

The brothers spent a couple of decades in the real world doing normal things, but bad things happen, and they were thankfully shunted out of the comfortable hole they were dwelling in.  Now with the taste of musical blood in their mouths they are embarking on a quest to make a lot of music. One of the benefits of being a hole-dweller and waiting so long to produce any music is that they have tons of songs already in the can of all different flavours.

Hole Tripper is a remote band, ludicrously out of their own time zone, laughing at life and making music.   The band is influenced by early 90s alt rock and whilst they would love to discover time travel if you’re not going forwards, you’re going backwards. The music sticks to its roots but also wants to push forward the genre; one riff at a time …. making gloriously unfashionable rock music for the chosen few.


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“I think this sounds so good - This cranks it up a gear and it’s a real meaty track and you can hear the passion in it. Huge right?”

Adam Crowther (BBC Radio Bristol) - "I Want it All"

Hypnotic vocal flows pull you in as you're handed heavy-handed guitars, crunchy drums, solid bass lines, and spot-on production work. This thing feels very full and serves as a perfect example of why Hole Tripper should be on the radar for every fan of this rock-rooted genre.

Havoc Underground - "Old Days"

The vocals truly soar on the chorus, delivering an impassioned scream that really rocks the soul. Little pre-recorded soundbites appear every so often, creating more context for the tune. Old Days is far from unfashionable, but it truly is glorious to behold.

York Calling - "Old Days"

‘Old Days’ is the cracking and grungy new single from Bristol-based independent rockers Hole Tripper.  

Inviting the listener to break free from the shackles of nostalgia and forge a resolute path ahead, ‘Old Days’ is undoubtedly one of my songs of the year! I’ve missed a crunchy guitar riff and soaring vocals of late, and all I can do is thank this super-talented bunch for their new track. I can’t wait to hear what they get up to next!

Mesmerized - "Old Days"

“Old Days” by Hole Tripper is a moody and atmospheric song that will blow the roof off your house with its power and building energy. Opening softly this song can be a little bit of a slow burn but the wait pays off dramatically. The chorus sections see the introduction of a massive and fat guitar paired with soaring vocals. This song is a true high-octane thrill ride that will leave adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Lost in the Manor - "Old Days"

The passion and commitment of this band exude in their performance, creating an immediate connection between the band and the listener.

It’s as if they’ve poured their hearts and souls into every note and lyric, and that level of dedication translates into a genuinely moving musical experience.

Edgar Allen Poets - "Old Days"

“Hole Tripper have an eclectic sound which switches from heavy grunge to lo-fi alternative post punk…… They have a very strong retro vibe which is hard to ignore and impossible to sit still to. The guitar sound is overloaded with fuzz, character and an infectious feel which all adds to the charisma of this band.”

The Accidental Music Reviewer - "Sand in My Feet"


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Hundred Miles Out of Time

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Hold Back the Sun

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Who'll Love You Now?

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Please contact the band directly:

  • Telephone Jim on 07510 075571 for booking or press enquiries

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